Differencia 1.1.2

Compare data between multiple applications

Differencia is a professional tool that quickly compares similar data. View full description


  • Handles all sorts of files and formats
  • Identifies file layouts
  • Import and export data


  • Crashes sometimes


Differencia is a professional tool that quickly compares similar data.

You may need to use it to compare financial documents, or pages of code. While this operation can be particularly tedious if done manually, if you use Differencia you can quickly pick up differences between documents. The program handles all sorts of data and formats, whether money entries, dates or IDs. It also quickly identifies the layout of files to look for similar areas. These will be highlighted for you.

Differencia's interface is simple yet powerful. Comparing data can be complex to say the least and the program really seems like it's trying its best to declutter it all for you. You can quickly reach documents from the list view on the left side of the application window.

Differencia imports and export flat file formats like CSV, which you can view in most spreadsheet applications. This is quite handy if you need to work on your data after having uncovered similarities. Although the program is a bit buggy at times, overall it's a life saver.

Differencia is a great tool to compare similar complex data. It can easily import and export the information for you.


  • Improved compatibility with Mac OS X Snow Leopard
  • Added support for secure automatic updates
  • Added support for one-click license registration
  • Improved handling of non standard file encodings
  • Improved stability and performance

Differencia easily compares data between multiple applications. Effortlessly handling differing file and data formats, Differencia makes reconciliation painless, saving you time, money and frustration.

Differencia effortlessly handles different file and data formats, so there is no time-consuming, error-prone massaging of data files into the same format. Remove expensive custom software and directly compare raw data. Differencia delivers painless reconciliation, exception processing and comparisons.

Differencia automatically identifies file layouts, even identifying the text, date, time or number format for each field. The only configuration required, is to select which fields to compare. With a comparison template from the online database, you can even skip that step. Simply select the files and run the comparison.

Differencia can handle international date and time formats, so "13.11.07" matches with "11/13/07" and "13th Nov 2007". It also deals with number formats, matching "$1,000.00" with "USD 1.000,00". Differencia identifies localised text encodings and gracefully handles Mac, Unix and even Windows line endings.

Along with no reformating, records do not need to be sorted into a common order. Instead unique identity fields can be specified with flick of a switch. This might be an order number, transaction ID or SKU. Data fields can also be used to match records, such as the date and value of a banking transaction.

As a Mac application, Differencia has a familiar, easy to understand interface, as you should expect. Furthermore, Differencia aims to make comparing your data as simple as possible. Intelligence about reconciliation is built into the application, allowing the interface to be kept simple, yet powerful.

Differencia understands your data, and will:

  • Compare a single Value field with separate Debit & Credit fields
  • Compare a combined Date-Time field with separate Date & Time fields
  • Sensibly compare dates & times with different levels of detail, so "11:54:07PM" will match "23:54"
  • Handle Mac & Windows Excel Date Formats

Differencia currently imports most "flat file" formats, e.g., Comma or Tab Separated Values. Compare data from any application that can export to such a flat file format. Excel & Numbers spreadsheets can be used via an easy, reliable export to CSV. Please let us know what additional formats you would like added.



Differencia 1.1.2